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WISH Shopping Guide

Hey loves, I recently shared a video featuring some great pieces from Wish! You can click here to watch it. I have also linked all of the products below and don’t forget that you can use the code “deyafall15” for 15% off your purchase! Happy shopping!

Over the knee boots: Click here


Plaid skirt: click here


Pearl belt: Click here5d503882a9d43e670e72b6a4-large.jpg 

Pearl purse: Click here5b18c7b4373b7a31b4db69e5-large.jpg

Grey sweater dress: Click here5bb8824951db4e4b7adeb97d-large.jpg

Stars transparent shirt: Click here5a534f88f30c53126a4039da-large.jpg

Loafers: Click here5c18668c065e296161266b61-large.jpg

Brown loafers: Click here5c32f71d0b12a1234068c2c1-large.jpg

Turtlenecks: Click here and here


Galaxy phone case: Click here


Cactus phone case: Click here5b7a5b7244965a39e70cdd50-large.jpg

Denim shorts: Click here


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