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Ta-Da! List

I was listening to a podcast a few weeks ago when a listener called in and talked about how she started creating a ta-da list! I loved the idea right away and not just because of the genius play on words- to do list, ta da list.

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If at the end of the day you find yourself focusing solely on the items you didn’t cross off and then moving on to creating a new to do list for the next day then maybe it’s time to give the ta da! list a try. When we end the day focusing on what we didn’t get the chance to do and everything we need to do the next day, we don’t give ourselves a well deserved pat on the back for everything we did get done. Sometimes, we barely cross anything off our to do list which leaves us feeling unaccomplished. A ta da list helps us focus our energy in a more positive direction. Give it a try this week- create a ta da list at the end of the day and list everything, small and big, that you got done on that day.

I have been creating my own version of a ta da list for a few years now- I call it my gratitude list. I had a note on my phone titled “My Gratitude List” and throughout the day, I added everything that I am grateful for on that day. I have now moved the list to my journal because I enjoy writing things down on paper and changed the name to “My Happiness List”! Before I head to bed, I take a look at it and it always leaves me feeling great about my day and myself. Even the little everyday things that don’t make it to our to do list deserves to be on the ta da list. Sometimes I write down things like “I made my bed in the morning”- something that would never be on my to do list and something I can easily overlook. Instead, by writing it down on my gratitude list, I am able to focus my energy on every little thing that I did do on that day.

I also write down things like “I made the time to work out for 10 minutes”- I could easily end the day by saying I ONLY worked out for 10 minutes. However, I did work out when I could have spent that 10 minutes scrolling through social media or watching Netflix. I change my way of thinking so that I am focusing on the positive.

A lot of times something that wasn’t on our to do list comes up and we have to get it done and we deserve to acknowledge that. You might be a busy mum who had to take time out of the day to pick up your child from school. You can easily say, I had so much to do on my to do list and I couldn’t because of something that came up or you can write down that your child needed you and you were there for them.

I encourage you to write down a ta da list or a gratitude list throughout the day and take a few minutes every night to read through it and give yourself that well deserved pat on the back. We are all human and some days are going to be unproductive but it’s on those days that we need to focus on what we did get done and use it as motivation for the next day.

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