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Are you ready to live your DREAM life?

Whether you want to build more meaningful relationships, get in shape, live in the moment, start an online business or learn to love yourself- this goal planner is designed to help you ACHIEVE all of your goals and have the BEST year! I look forward to building an EXCLUSIVE online community and support system with you as we work together to reach our goals! 

It is designed to help you dig deep, set smart goals, get organized, create action plans and push you in the right direction! This planner will be the first step that you take on your path to living your DREAM LIFE. 

Product information below. 

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  • This 28 page printable goal planner includes inspirational quotes, worksheets, mind maps, habit trackers and more! 
  • It contains a complete GUIDE to help you set specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and timely goals!
  • When you purchase this goal planner, you will also receive a copy of my 2019 goals incase you need a little inspiration! Throughout the year I will be sharing my goal progress, any obstacles that I face and how I am overcoming them, tips, advice, free worksheets, and much much more!
  • I welcome all of you who purchase the planner to email me back with a copy of your goals, any questions that you have or advice that you need, any obstacles that you are facing that you need help with, and your goal progress throughout the year. 

I poured a great amount of time and heart into bringing this product to life. I created this goal planner with the intention of helping you live your best life! 

Thank you for supporting me- I appreciate and am grateful for each and every one of you! 

  • When you purchase this planner, you will have access to both the floral and classic designs.
  • This is a DIGITAL product- once you purchase it, you will be able to download and print the PDF file. An editable PDF copy is also included so you can use it on almost any computer, phone, or tablet by downloading the free Adobe Acrobat Reader app. It is not a physical product that will be delivered to you. 

You can email all product questions to DeyaKannesha@outlook.com or submit a form by clicking here. Please read our FAQ page prior to sending an inquiry. 



  • Guide: How to Create SMART Goals
  • Worksheet: Identifying your Values
  • Worksheet: Defining Success
  • Worksheet: Visualizing your Dream Life x3
  • Worksheet: Identifying your Bad Habits
  • Goal Overview Chart
  • Goal Setting Worksheet x5
  • Mind Map x5
  • Habit Tracker
  • Cover Page
  • Inspirational Quotes
  • Editable PDF Copy
  • Copy of Deya’s 2019 Goals
  • Floral and classic planner designs


Happy Goal Setting!
Love, Deya

1 review for Printable Goal Planner! (Floral)

  1. Rebecca

    I am a planner junkie, and from the moment I saw Deya’s Floral Goal Planner – it was love at first sight. From the print, to the design, to the quotes, to the planning pages – everything is absolutely perfect. I love how Deya’s planner explains how to make SMART goals, she provides various examples on how you can achieve your goals. What stood out to me the most is how she explained creating “Present” goals. It encourages you to act on your goals sooner, and to act now. I like to track my goals and Deya’s planner includes sheets to keep track of your goals. The layout is very easy and accessible. The quotes that are included in the planner is very uplifting and encouraging. Overall, this planner is very easy to use, helps you stay on track, and so pretty to look at. I am looking forward to using this resource with my students as well! Great job!

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