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My Travel Guide To Lima, Peru

Bala and I spent an amazing week in Peru for my birthday this year. Our first stop was Cusco where Machu Picchu, one of the new seven wonders of the world, is located. Then we flew to Lima, the capital of Peru. In today’s guide I am going to share with you all of the details about what we did, where we stayed and ate, what to pack, and how to prepare for your trip to Lima!



In Miraflores we stayed at Hotel Miramar. It was inexpensive and we were satisfied with our stay. Everything we wanted to see or do was just a short walking or driving distance away. There is a grocery store right in front which was convenient because we were able to grab snacks for our room and for the plane ride home.

What To Do In Lima

1. India Market!


You must check out the India Market when you are in Mira Flores even if you do not plan to do any shopping. It is a quaint marketplace with local vendors who sell handmade goods. I bought a straw purse from a shopkeeper and because I wanted to wear it on my shoulders, she added a long strap to the purse right in front of me within a few minutes. It was amazing to watch her as she proudly excelled in her craft.


IMG_4529We also bought a hand painted tea party set- one of the shopkeepers was sitting behind the cash register painting as we shopped!

All of the shop keepers were so pleasant- although they would call out to us to come into their store, they did so with welcoming smiles and kind words. If we did not buy anything or walked by without stopping to look through their shop, their smiles and their attitudes did not change- they simply wished us a good day.

I am not a huge fan of purchasing souvenirs because I think they end up in people’s attics and garages but Bala thinks it’s the thought that counts :)! If you also plan to purchase souvenirs for friends and family, The India Market is a great place to do so- you can find a variety of beautiful crafts.



2. Larcomar

IMG_4550.JPGLarcomar has a beautiful view of the ocean! We would recommend taking a walk and eating at one of the restaurants there. If you want to shop for products similar to what you will find in Canada then the stores in Larcomar are a great option. I personally don’t prefer shopping malls like these because I can do this type of shopping right at home. However, Larcomar does have a lot of the same retailers you will find in Canada so if you need to purchase an outfit for your trip or something of that sort, you can head there. Bala forgot to bring a belt so that is the reason we stopped by but we ended up purchasing one at the India Market which he loved!


3. What I Wish We Did

There were a few things that we would have loved to do in Lima but since we were only there for two days, we simply didn’t have the time to. First, we really wanted to rent a bike and ride around Miraflores, especially by the ocean. We also wanted to walk along the boardwalk as well as visit the Larco Museum. We drove by the Park of Love and it looked like the perfect place for a relaxing evening. Our hotel staff recommended that we visit Huaca Pucllana which is a pre-Inca ruins site. If you’re looking to do something a little more exciting, we saw people paragliding when we were in Larcomar!


Where To Eat In Lima

IMG_45441. Mango

We would highly recommend Mango. The food was savoury, the view is amazing, the decor was beautiful, and the service was great.

2. Panchita

We were extremely disappointed with what we ordered at Panchita. The food was not flavourful enough for our taste buds. Additionally, the vegetarian menu options were scarce. We noticed that in Peru, it is not common to ask for plate modifications. For example, I asked at every restaurant we visited if I could order an item without the meat and the wait staff’s reaction seemed to indicate that my request was uncommon. Although they did not hesitate to check with the chef, they were not always able to accommodate my request.

What To Pack

Apart from the usual necessities, here is what I would recommend that you take with you to Peru.

Unless you are travelling to relax by the beach everyday, I always recommend that you take a back bag. You can pack everything you need for a day out in a back bag. Plus they are so much better for your back than a purse. I took my Herschel Supply backpack with me to Peru- click here to shop it.

IMG_3395We visited Peru towards the end of March so it felt like Spring in Canada. Pack clothes which you can easily layer throughout the day as it was nice and warm in the afternoons but got chilly as soon as the sun set. If you’re travelling during the rainy season, pack a waterproof jacket.

The flight to Lima from Toronto is about 8 hours so I would recommend taking an eye mask (click here) and ear plugs (click here) for the plane ride. Your ear plugs will come in handy especially if you are on a plane ride with crying babies like we were- both to and from Lima!

How To Prepare For Your Trip

I always receive a ton of messages about whether I took any shots and which shots I took before travelling to a certain country. My answer is always this- you need to speak to your doctor preferably six weeks before your travel date. You should never rely solely on information conveyed to you online, especially when it is in regards to your health. If you are Canadian, I would also recommend that you review the travel section on the Government of Canada website (click here).

As always, check the weather a week before you travel and pack your wardrobe accordingly. As a Canadian, you do not need a visa to travel to Peru unless you are staying for more than 183 days in any given year. Please ensure that you do your own research thoroughly before travelling to Peru in order to have a safe and fun trip! If you are travelling to Lima and have any additional questions for me, please leave them as comments on this blog post and I will be sure to answer them. Wishing everyone a safe & happy journey to Lima ❤!

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