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Get Inspired: Saree Drapes

If you follow me along on YouTube, you have already met beautiful Rose aunty from Mum Pleats. Today, as part of my Mother’s Day series, Rose aunty’s daughter, Kiru, shares a little about her amazing mother.


My mom raised her 3 daughters alone for the first years of our lives, as my dad was abroad working.  She struggled to bring us to Canada by herself but because of her strong will, we are now together and well established.  My mom has worked hard all her years alongside my dad to raise us and provide for us.



Once my sisters had children, she quit her job to take care of them.  My mom was always a very creative woman with amazing taste.  She chooses all of our traditional outfits and designs our saree blouses.  Many people came to my mom to drape their sarees and eventually I said, “mom, let’s make a businesswoman out of you”.  I wanted to give back something to the mother who has given us so much.  Thus began Mum Pleats.  Although she was hesitant at first, she loves the job now as it gives her financial freedom and a chance to get out her creative side.



My mum’s advice for young women is to stay humble and respect everyone.



Her favourite quote is, “no beauty shines bright than that of a beautiful heart”. My mom is a wonderful human being who always takes care of the people that come in her life.  She feeds everyone that walks in her house and helps everyone in need.





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