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Get Inspired: Saree Blouse Designs

In today’s Mother’s Day series post, I am happy to introduce Neesa to you. Here is what Neesa’s daughter, Vina, had to say about her talented mother! As I read what Vina wrote about her mum, I couldn’t help but think of my own mum. I think it is fair to say that Vina and I both got very lucky! Make sure to follow their beautiful creative journey together @blouse.queen.


When thinking of the word ‘mother’, creative should be in the definition. My mom Neesa has been a creative since an early age. Being a mother of 3, her love and creativity has always been in the spotlight. She made us shirts, dresses, pants, costumes and more. She was our personal designer, and she was never shy with her fashion advice.

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Part of our childhood highlights was waiting for our own custom outfits to be finished. They never failed to surprise us! As a child I would skim through her Vogue pattern books because the illustrations were so beautiful. She has been sewing since her teenage years in Malaysia, and she’s never strayed far from the sewing machine since. It’s been a dream come true for her to see people around the world look amazing wearing her creations.


Neesa’s a curious risk taker who doesn’t let much get in her way. Take her to Wonderland, and she’s the first one in line for every ride! Beneath her gentle exterior is a brave soul willing to take on any challenge. In addition to her own tailoring and consultation services, her quality work can be found behind popular brands online. (Her next dream is to have her creations on a runway. Be on the lookout!)

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As a mother, being creative is part of the job description. Channeling that creativity to entrepreneurship is about finding your passion and everything else will follow.

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Neesa’s pro-tip:

Find a tailor that you can have an open communication with.  Among other benefits, you can discuss the vision for your look in detail, get material and fabric recommendations, as well as feedback on the style of clothing you want made. Being in direct contact with someone who cares about how you look is invaluable. If the outfit is for a special occasion, it’s worth the special attention.

Keep pushing your creativity!

Neesa and Vina
Mothers exploring creativity, fashion, and business together


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