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Faking The Perfect Life On Instagram

I have seen this one too many times, content creators (I am referring to anyone that has a sizeable amount of followers) pointing fingers at other creators on Instagram and accusing them of creating the illusion of a “perfect” life. You can disguise it as an empowering or inspiring message or use it to build your credibility but it’s simply a way to put others down based on assumptions. I want to write down my thoughts around this topic with the intent of sharing a new perspective with those who believe that it is the creator’s responsibility to share the bad, the ugly, and to share their pain, struggles, and hardships with you.

IMG_5325 with text (IG)Take a moment to think back on the worst fight you had with your significant other, or a parent, or a best friend. You might have said some not so nice things to each other that you are not proud of. Think back on a traumatic event you experienced, think back on the worst mistake you’ve ever made. Now, think about whether you would want to share all of this with your friends and family? You might want to share it with your closest and truest family and friends but would you want to share it with your aunt, or uncle, or that friend of a friend, or that girl that you just met a few days ago? Most of us would say no. It’s human to only want to share our happiest moments with the world.

It is true that many content creators only share their happiest moments with their followers. Some content creators share the not so great moments from time to time. Some content creators share the not so great moments but they turn it into lessons and teaching moments. So essentially, most of what we get is a picture perfect image of that creator.

As a content creator myself, I do believe that it is important for us to share the good and the bad. However, regardless of whether you have a few thousands followers or you have a private Instagram account that only your friends and family can see, we should not share anything that we are not comfortable sharing.

If you follow all of my posts, you will already know about some of the struggles that I have faced. Don’t be fooled by any of my beautifully captured photos- my life also consists of bad days, pain, struggle, insecurities, flaws …. I create content because I love and enjoy it. I love dressing up and putting outfits together, I love filming videos, I love finding beautiful backgrounds and capturing images. It is how I channel my creativity. I enjoy creating beautiful content and I will continue to do so while making a conscious effort to remind you all that we are both the same! Just because I don’t record myself on the nights that I break down crying, or I don’t take pictures of Bala and I while we are screaming each other’s ears off, or I don’t write down about the traumatic experiences I have overcome does not mean that they never happened.

So how do I stay sane while scrolling through social media? I choose to shift the responsibility onto myself- it is my responsibility to understand that Instagram is a carefully curated space. It is my responsibility to understand that the creators that I love may be sharing filtered, retouched images of themselves. It is my responsibility to understand that we all experience hardships, pain, and struggle so it is not fair to compare my worst days to someone else’s best moments. Instead of blaming the creator for not sharing their bad days with you and the world, shift the responsibility onto yourself because you can never control what the world throws at you. You can only control how you catch it.


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