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Are you Steering your Life in the Right Direction?

I was listening to an audio clip by Gretchen Rubin about how you should always take a moment to orient yourself to the North when you get off the New York City subway. Don’t always assume you know where you are going because you might end up lost in an unfamiliar setting.

I almost stopped listening before I realized that this is a tip that we can all apply to life in general regardless of where you live or whether you take the subway. 

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You can be content with your life and seamlessly getting through each day but if you stop and ask yourself, am I and is my life going in the direction that I want it to be going in? The answer might not always be a yes.

It is so important to regularly step back and take a look at your life, remind yourself of the direction you want to be heading in, write down the steps and changes you have to make to head in that direction and then put it all into action. 

You might be have no complaints about the job you currently hold, you might even enjoy some of the tasks that you are required to complete or the people you work with, but that doesn’t mean that the job is taking you in the direction you want to go. Maybe it’s time to to implement some changes that will help you get your dream job or make your current job into your dream job. 

By taking the time to step back once in a while and analyze your life right now and compare it to the life that you want to have, you will never find yourself steering in the wrong direction. You don’t wake to wake up one day in your 50s not content with the direction your life steered itself in because you didn’t take control of the steering wheel (but if you do, there’s always time to change direction)! The new year is great reminder to do exactly this but I actually like to step back and analyze my life a few times throughout the year.

Remember that analyzing your life and steering it in the right direction is a continuous process.  There will always be a new goal, a new dream, a new passion… that you want to chase. So do not ever let your happiness be dependent on something in the future. Happiness is not a destination. You cannot say to yourself that you will be happy once you get your dream job. Your dream job is something you are working towards but once you get your dream job, a year down the line, it might not be your dream job anymore and you will have to re-analyze your life and goals again. Make sure that you separate happiness from your goals and dreams because one should not be dependent on the achievement of the other. 

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